Diggle Plush Toy

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According to the website, Dungeons of Dredmore is a comic fantasy roguelike dungeon crawler game from Gaslamp Games. I've spent some 30 hours playing it and I am absolutely hooked! Among many an interesting/strange enemy, you will find the diggles, a strange little bird-thing that tunnels through walls with its odd, rubbery nasal appliance.They're adorable little critters that try to stab you everywhere you go. As you progress through the game, the diggles change colour, signifying a change in their level, that is to say how quickly you can kill them before they kill you. So here, in honor of these worthy opponents, I will make a plushy diggle!

P.S: Anything recognizable is property of Gaslamp Games, who I wanna cover with kisses for making this addictive and fun game!

Here's the DoD site:

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Step 1: Basic diggleology

Picture of Basic diggleology
There are  many kinds of diggles. I fully intended to go through the entire game and find all the different diggles, but when you add the different mods, it would be like collecting Pokemon. So I'll just show you the basic kinds.
You can select which colours you want. Basically we will need two shades of the same colour.

The parts that will need making are:

1) Head
2) Body
3) 2 arm fins
4) 2 leg fins (though these could be the same as the arm ones)
5) Tail
6) Drill-bill

Now, the in-game version of a diggle looks much like a potato with a giant ice cream cone stuck to its face, I'll go with the art provided by Gaslamp Games for the t-shirt design. In the pictures, you can find the approximate proportions, based on the t-shirt image. All the body parts are measured in reference to the size of the head, except for the bill and the width of the fins. I will be doing my measurements in cm, but you can do it however you like :)
Lewis72063 months ago
Dis is so cute and fluffy and hopefully it won't try to kill me while I sleep :)
TashaDax (author)  Lewis72063 months ago

Dunno... I'd keep a sword handy, just in case...

TashaDax (author)  totalizator1 year ago
Glad you like it :)