Anyone can use Digilent Analog Discovery 1Gen with LabVIEW build .exe files

we have update this free project with english language(2016.1.7)

Demo Video http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTQ0ODkyODI1Mg==.htm...


Step 1:

If you have a digilent Digilent Analog Discovery 1gen,and you want use a LabVIEW sytle program with Digilent Analog Discovery 1Gen.

Great Now,you can download a LabVIEW build .exe file, Please flow me~~~

Step 2: Install Digilent Waveform 2.7.5

install Digilent Waveform 2.7.5 https://www.digilentinc.com/Data/Products/WAVEFORMS/digilent.waveforms_v2.7.5.exe

Step 3: Install LabVIEW 2015 Run-time

Step 4: Download HLS.exe (AD_UN)

Use HLS to measure your Lab.Have a great day

Download HLS.exe

link:(release updated 2016.1.7)



some friends Outside China cant download this zip filenow we put this zip file on google driverplease download below


Step 5: End

ok,make pin connect like that。

* this .exe file is a free project,but user must submit your device(Analog Discovery 1) sn tosupport.tla@foxmail.com

if anyone has any error message about this .exe Project ,you can send support email to support.tla@foxmail.com Thanks All Support.TLA@foxmail.com www.sh-chengtec.com

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