Step 4: Making the ball-bearing supported shaft 2

Picture of Making the ball-bearing supported shaft 2
Now you will need something to hold the bearings and shaft. You might be able to find something at the hobby shop which would work. But at worst, just find a block of aluminum, plastic, or wood which is about 1" diameter and 2" long. Drill a hole all the way through the long way, larger than the shaft but smaller than the outside diameter of the bearings. for example with bearings that have a 1/8" ID and 3/8" OD, i drilled a 1/4" hole so the shaft won't touch it. Now at either end of the block drill a 3/8" hole right on top of the 1/4" hole, but only drill in about 1/4" (far enough for the bearing to fit into the block.
Marcos9 years ago
When counter-boring holes, if you drill the larger holes first, it's a snap to have the smaller one be concentric, as you'll still have the bottom of the hole, and it will have the center point ready-marked and "center punched." But you knew that already, yes?
dan (author)  Marcos8 years ago
you need to drill the small hole all the way through first. if you drill the two large holes part way, then try to drill the small one from one end, it is never going to end up at the exact center of the big hole on the other end.
Marcos dan8 years ago
Aha, looks like I was not paying enough attention. I was thinking of drilling from one side only. I figured you knew better. ;-)