Introduction: Digital Art Tips

I consider myself a beginner digital artist, I am still learning the ropes but I believe there are a few very simple tips I've picked up on that can help other aspiring artists like myself.

Shading your sketch: When you draw your first sketch make sure that you show the areas that you want to be shaded, this will provide a guide to where you want to put your final shading

Contour Lines: After you have completed your concept sketch lower the opacity of that layer and make a new layer above that one. On this new layer draw the contour lines neatly and cover fine details such as eyes and clothing.

Shading: When I shade I make a new layer below the contour line layer but above the original sketch. Using the shaded areas in your sketch as a guide paint in the shaded areas.

This video goes over all of these tips, sometimes the best way to learn is to see it happen before your eyes!


thebear1 made it!(author)2015-04-07

well done thanks for sharing this

IAmKnightly made it!(author)2015-04-13

Thank you :3

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