Today I am going to show you my method of creating a digital business and create a shortcut on your iphone to quickly share your business card with any potential clients.

You will need:

1.) Your Business Card
2.) An Iphone
3.) Computer (for basic photo editing)
4.) Dropbox or any cloud storage utility that has public access.

Step 1.)

Take a photo of your business card.  Ensure proper lighting is used to best display your card.

Step 2.) Open photo editing software.  I used MSPaint.  Simply crop the photo to remove the unwanted background.

Step 3.) Save this new picture.  I called it AllCleanBussiness.jpg  Now upload this file to your Dropbox public folder so other people can view this picture.

Step 4.) Go to bit.ly and create a shortened url of this .jpg location.  For example, I made https://photos-1.dropbox.com/t/0/AAB8VifYjqampUKZOcPxKX8HdyU5qBN7Nw8eIwEPRkdxdQ/12/19320519/jpeg/32x32/3/_/1/2/All%20Clean%20Business%20Card.jpg/JLX3Elv4siCTqXhcynGNddB5GDvV0wkKoJflaiHEGGM?size=1024x768  into:


Step 5.) On your iphone go to Settings >> General >> Keyboard >> Add new shortcut

This is where you will create a word that will expand automatically when you type to: http://bit.ly/yourshortcutname
Try and pick a word you would not normally type in a regular SMS or in Safari.  I chose "bizcard".  

Step 6.) Save new shortcut.

So let's put it into action.

I just met a potential client at a bar.  I ask for their number and simply write this to them: bizcard

It will automatically suggest http://bit.ly/AllCleanBiz    Hit the space key to accept this suggestion.  A link is created to the picture of my business card and Voilà!  I have just sent them a digital copy of my business card easily and in under 10 seconds!  This is handy for when you don't have a business card on you at the time.  You can also use this in e-mails on your iphone as well.

<p>I'm just in process of designing a business card by means of <a href="http://business-card-maker.com/" rel="nofollow">http://business-card-maker.com/</a> tool. It seems to be quite easy. So many great options, really!</p>

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