Introduction: Poor Man's Camera Flash Diffuser

i am going to show u how to make diy flash diffuser for point and shoot cameras step by step

Step 1: Material Required

. cardboard tube
. tape or glue
. camera
. paper
. scissor

Step 2: Cutting the Tube

cut the tube in less half as ur camera size see in figure/image showing how to cut

Step 3: Cut Tube From Bottom Edge

cut tube from bottom edge see in figure/image

Step 4: Cutting the Tube for Paper Mount

Step 5: Glue or Tape the Paper to Cardboard

glue or tape the paper to cardboard see in figure/image

Step 6: Flash Diffuser Is Now Complete

attach the flash diffuser to ur camera and take photos


DaddysGal22 (author)2015-06-25

Go Nikon Coolpix! Loved your instructable!!!

15, 7:50 AM.jpg
MikB (author)2013-11-09

Poor man's? Luxury! :)

I just hold a small piece from an A4 copier paper sheet over the flash, doubling it over if necessary to cut the light down -- for close-up work where the flash will dazzle out! -- I keep it tucked in the camera case when not needed!

Mahir Asrani (author)MikB2013-11-09

There are many many method for diffuse the flash

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