Step 12: Ready for the Rain

Remember that the origin of the project was my desire to protect the camera from rain. So ... here is the hood mounted inside a one-gallon Ziploc. The hole in the bag is about 75% of the diameter of the small end of the hood. The Ziploc stretches onto it (and seems to rebound quite well when I take it off, suggesting it will last through several 'sessions') and creates a nice seal, as you can see. Rain shouldn't get in there.

Obviously, the hood is open on the end, and this is not waterproof! It is only going to protect the lens if you don't point it up into the rain. And you will have to gauge the seal on the bag for yourself (it's your camera after all). I will use this in a downpour, and simply keep the lens pointed horizontal or down! If you take this out in a hurricane, you'd better be pointed downwind!

That said, you can also see from the way the diameter shrinks as it moves closer to the body of the camera, that any drips that get inside the large end will be prevented from flowing back into the lens assembly, unless you tip it way back.
<p>A nice and neat idea. I think a white pipe would look better with your silver camera. Can this stuff be painted? </p><p>I could suggest a modified version. Glue a regular 49mm or 52mm UV or Skylight filter inside it. That, along with the ziploc bag would make the lens assembly waterproof too. Good idea.</p>
<p>Skylight filter insert is a great idea, and could adapt the hood for real lenses too. In this case, rain getting inside was never a real problem, but I like the thinking. (I also like my black hood, but I'm sure you could find a paint that adhered to PVC). Thanks!</p>
Thank you so much!! I am going to try this with my LX7 - hope it fits.
Great idea. I went for a &quot;hard&quot; protector:<br /> http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Weatherproof-Camera-Box<br /> <br />
Thank you very much!<br /> Your instructable inspired me to build a filter/lens adapter for my camera.<br /> https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-add-filters-and-lenses-to-Canon-SX100is/<br />
That's great: excellent to see the idea multiply in the wild. Let's hear it for homebrew camera accessories. You just saved a hundred bucks!<br /> <br /> thanks for the encouragement.<br /> <br /> d<br />
Great idea!!!!
ha never would have thought to use a reducer . . . great idea!

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