Step 5: Adding a Brace to Make a Snug Fit: Drilling

The diameter of the small end of the hood is almost perfectly suited to snug onto the ring around my camera's lens. But not quite. I decided on attaching a small cable tie to brace it. It's the best solution I could come up with (having tried a bit of gaffer's tape to reduce the diameter inside the hood, but ruling that to be too impermanent).

In these next few pics, I'm drilling a hole to mount the tie, then using a small square needle file to create a channel for the zip tie to rest in. More on why in the next slides.

If you don't have access to a drill, you can find another way to put a hole in the relatively soft PVC: an awl (such as you'd find on a Swiss Army Knife) would work, or a soldering iron would melt a neat hole through (and stink your workshop up).
<p>A nice and neat idea. I think a white pipe would look better with your silver camera. Can this stuff be painted? </p><p>I could suggest a modified version. Glue a regular 49mm or 52mm UV or Skylight filter inside it. That, along with the ziploc bag would make the lens assembly waterproof too. Good idea.</p>
<p>Skylight filter insert is a great idea, and could adapt the hood for real lenses too. In this case, rain getting inside was never a real problem, but I like the thinking. (I also like my black hood, but I'm sure you could find a paint that adhered to PVC). Thanks!</p>
Thank you so much!! I am going to try this with my LX7 - hope it fits.
Great idea. I went for a &quot;hard&quot; protector:<br /> http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Weatherproof-Camera-Box<br /> <br />
Thank you very much!<br /> Your instructable inspired me to build a filter/lens adapter for my camera.<br /> https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-add-filters-and-lenses-to-Canon-SX100is/<br />
That's great: excellent to see the idea multiply in the wild. Let's hear it for homebrew camera accessories. You just saved a hundred bucks!<br /> <br /> thanks for the encouragement.<br /> <br /> d<br />
Great idea!!!!
ha never would have thought to use a reducer . . . great idea!

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