Digital Days Photo Contest Winners

Instructables and Digital Days are happy to announce the winners of the Digital Days Photo Contest!

We wanted to see photo tips and tricks and you responded with a wide variety of Instructables. From close-up shots to setups to hard drive stabilizers, the entries clearly showed creativity and ingenuity. It was a pleasure to see all the entries come in.

While all of the winners are worth checking out, we'd also like to urge you to check out the other entries in the contest. There are 11 Instructables here, but many more deserve a good look.

So thanks again to all who entered and thank you to jessyratfink, mikeasaurus, Romado12187, jeff-o, greeenpro, ChrysN, and seamster for help judging.

Now, on with the winners!
Laser Triggered High-Speed Photography style
Update: Thank you judges, Popular Photography, Instructables staff, and the way cool Instructables community. In order to consistently photograph something like milk drops the usual method uses a h...
Build your own (cheap!) multi-function wireless camera controller. style
IntroductionEver fancied building your own camera controller?IMPORTANT NOTE: Capacitors for the MAX619 are 470n or 0.47u.  The schematic is correct, but the component list was wrong - updated.This is ...
Portable, Paperless, Digital Copy Machine style
Don’t wait in line to feed coins into the library’s photocopier! Here are instructions for making a portable, paperless, digital copy machine.Your materials should cost less than $20, maybe less than ...
Universal, 2 Gyro Image stabilizer style
This image stabilizer can be used with any lens and camera. It works the in same way as the Hubble telescope keeps pointed to the same object during multi day exposures.This stabilizer can be used suc...
Copy Your Old Slides The Easy Way! style
I have many slides from years ago and have enjoyed viewing them from time to time. But I always came away wishing I had them on disc, a CD, Flash Drive, or whatever so that I could see them more often...
Backyard Bird Photography style
Assigning yourself a project is a tested method of improving your photography skills. Choose a technique and a process that will concentrate your efforts to improve a particular skill. I decided that ...
Plastic Light Tent - The Light Kennel style
I live in Victoria Australia, have been photographing the gradual recovery of the forest after the fires in February this year. This involves photographing insects, small plants, and fungi as they eme...
How To Make a Macro Lens style
In this instructable I'll show you how to make a Macro lens, Macro lens's are used to take close up pictures of stuff. Most cameras (like mine) can't take a clear picture if the object a is to close, ...
Photography-the guide to great photos style
Learn the skills you need to start taking photos that will draw attention.In this guide i'll take you through the stages leading up to becoming a good photographer.
How To Take Great Close-Up Photos style
Taking great close-up photos is much easier than you think. Based on the multitude of blurry detail pictures I've seen on ebay and craigslist, it must be a skill many don't possess. With these skills ...