Picture of Digital Dice
This instructable shows you how to make a Digital Dice - just press the button on top, there will be a quick animation, and one of the 12 lights will light up at random!

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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
A clean and empty Pringles Can
An Espruino Board (
A battery
A switch, and two wires for it
A string of 12 WS2811 RGB LED Lights
(Not shown) Wrapping paper, tape, and double-sided tape

Step 2: Cutting the Tube

Picture of Cutting the Tube
Measure 4cm from each end of the pringles can, and use a craft knife to cut it as straight as possible.

Also cut another ring from the middle of the can, around 3cm wide. Cut across it as well - this will help to hold the LED lights in place.

Step 3: Drilling holes

Picture of Drilling holes
Then, cut 12 equally spaced (8mm) holes in the tin end of the can, about 2mm from the edge. You'll also need a hole in the middle for your switch. We marked ours by hand with a marker pen until they looked about right, and then drilled them out.

Put the two ends of the can back together, and tape them together on the inside.

Finally apply double-sided sticky tape around the outside of the can, and then use some patterned paper (like wrapping paper) to cover up the pringles text.
M3G1 year ago
This is a very cool idea. I never would have believed that was a Pringles can, either! Nice job.
gfwilliams (author)  M3G1 year ago
Thanks! Those LEDs make it so much easier though - there's virtually no wiring at all.