Picture of Digital Die w/display
Digital Die wdisplay.gif
Digital Die w/display is a true project of engineering based on JK flip-flops by designing a counter from 1-6 with a circuit clock of variable frequency and a switch normally closed that stops the count when someone pushs its button.
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Step 1: Display/decoder Module

Display/decoder module is the monitor of this project. The parts are:

1 Dual PCB Radio Shack 276-159

1 Green Common Anode Display

1 Decoder 7447

7 Resistors of 470 Ohm

1 IC socket 16-Pin 

Step 2: Power Supply Module

Power Supply module is to use a 9 Volt battery.  In this module, I have included the micro-size potentiometer of 100K Ohm that isn't going to installed on circuit clock but on this module for better connection.  The parts are the following:

1/2 Dual PCB Radio Shack 276-159

1 +5V Voltage Regulator 7805

2 Electrolytic capacitors of 100 microF, 50V

1 Battery Clip for 9V

1 Micro-size potentiometer of 100K Ohm 

Step 3: Counter Mudule

Picture of Counter Mudule
Counter module is the heart of this project and its parts are the following:

1 Breadboard
2 7476 JK flip-flop
1 7408 AND gate
1 7432 OR Gate
1 IC 555
1 Electrolytic capacitor of 1 microF
1 Resistor of 20K Ohm
1 Slide Switch OFF/ON
1 Switch Normally Closed (Pushbutton)

Step 4: Installing Power Supply Module on Counter Module

Picture of Installing Power Supply Module on Counter Module

Step 5: Connecting Display/decoder Module w/Counter Module

Picture of Connecting Display/decoder Module w/Counter Module

Step 6: Complete the Digital Die w/display

Step 7: The Design of a Counter from 1 to 6

Picture of The Design of a Counter from 1 to 6
This project was based on the design of a counter from 1 to 6.  For that reason, you show how to do it.
braulio777 (author) 2 years ago
This is my first project that I did for sharing with you.
Very nice
braulio777 (author)  J-Five2 years ago