Step 8: Shooting and Final thoughts

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Now it's time to take it out and try it out. The lens works pretty well, yet the focus point is about 2 feet from me, so it's hard to get good pictures.

It is wonky like a standard toy camera, but this project was pretty easy for the effect. I could see this lens doing well fro portraits, but not so well for landscapes. To operate the camera it has to be in manual mode. I can old control the speed of course.

After getting the lens closer, the pictures seem to be a lot more clear. The next step to this project would be to introduce some vignetting

Hope you enjoyed this instructable!

Hi I am confused. Is this project telling me to gut an old 35 mm camera and glue a tiny 10 dollar digital camera behind the lens? Sounds cool, but is that what it says to do. At no point does one see the digital camera, needs a few more pics. I do understand that you are getting a "macro" camera only and that is quite fine, I am just not sure what the point of this is. I have been thinking of doing something like this for a while and so any help is appreciated. thanks
Yeah... He's actually removing the lens from a 120 camera, and you can see the Nikon he mounts it to, right here on the last step. And he also specifically mentions a DSLR to mount the lens to.
I appologise for my density. What is the point, the Digital SLR will have a macro setting? Or does this make closer clearer, or even a wider angle? Cooler would be a unit that went on your cell phone and made it clearer or telephoto, (really just a multiplier like a barlow) BTW for me, the pic of the Nikon just made itr worse, cause I could nonderstand why one would do what he does. I thought he was mounting it to a cheapo 10 dollar camera to get a cool effect. Thanks polymeme for responding cause I was lost at sea. I still can't fathom why, but, it matters not. sparkie
sturmey5 years ago
If you cut the hole in the body cap larger, and trim the edge of the "lens" from the Holga, you should be able to get the lens to mount closer to the focal plane. If you cut a large enough hole and got some plumbing supplies you might be able to make a focusing mechanism that would give you more options. great idea, I like what you've done with it.
zidav sturmey5 years ago
This is a good comment. It makes sense, like you actually read the instructable and understood things, not like you just glanced at it then commented getting the details wrong. It leaves viewers with an opening to go out and try this but with your suggested modifications and maybe improve on an interesting idea. I might just go out and work on this one.
I would like to see your ideas implemented into reality
spacecakes5 years ago
The lens mod is easy enough to follow but what you do with it when it is done is as clear as mud. It would help if you had shown how the lens is utilised.
jdubbullyoo5 years ago
What does this lens do for you that manually "un"focusing a standard lens doesnt? I dont see anything different in your pictures. To me, it just looks like an out of focus photo.