Digital LED Voltmeter to RC Car




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Introduction: Digital LED Voltmeter to RC Car

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Step 1: The Digital Voltmeter

You will nead a 2 wier digital led voltmeter. You can choos how big it is but i have 3 digitals

Step 2: The Conecting

It's going to look like this

Step 3: Hole for the Digita Voltmeter

Make a hole in the plate where the voltmeter is going to be. Try to do it straight ;)

Step 4: Almoast Done

Put the voltmeter in the hole and glue it together or you can use scrws

Step 5: Screw It Together

Screw the top gently back thogeter and you are done! :D Thanks for waching my instructables! ;)



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    how do you split the wires?

    No problem:) thanks :D

    nice idea. i like it.i am sure that it will look nice when it will be connected to rc car soon i am going to chack it in my rc bil.

    Good work, This digital LED Voltmeter is looking interesting when connected with Rc Car, I have learned something new here. Thanks for sharing such a nice idea.......

    Thanks :D

    Haha im going to do this!