This is the fifth in a series of Instructables on how to use CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) and CAM (Computer Aided Machining)
This time we are going to make a toy car which has five parts, but we only need to draw four of them. You can customize your car, change the wheels or put a crash helmet on the driver, and we are going to use some functions of prodesktop that have not been covered before .
As we are going to print the car you need to give some clearance between parts that fit together. Project three has some more tips about designing for the 3D printer
This makes a great gift for little kids as they enjoy pulling it a part, racing it and leaving it lying around on the stairs for you to stand on in the middle of the night.

If you haven't seen project one, take a look as it covers where to get  Prodesktop, how to activate the software,  how to navigate the screen, what you will need and the mouse functions.
This instrctable assumes that you are getting familiar with prodesktop so has has not got the detailed instructions of the first three projects.
  We will be focusing more on the design part of the program as common commands, engineering drawings and photo album have been covered in the first three instructables.

Other projects are here

Digital Manufacturing - project one Key tag

Digital Manufacturing - project two desk name plate

Digital Manufacturing - project three 3D printed box

Digital Manufacturing - project four laser cut box

As computer tutorials don't translate to text very well, for this series of  instructables most of the info is in the photos. So click on the first photo and use the arrows to go to the next photo. The boxes in the photos show the location of the icons and have have text in them when you hover the mouse on them.
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