In this Instructable,You will be able To Interface Mediatek Linkit One Board using LDR and Digital Object Counter which Can Count Objects upto 9999.

Step 1: Requirements

  • General Purpose PCB Board
  • 4 CD 4026 Johnson Decade Counter.
  • 4 Common Cathode 7 Segment Display (LT543).
  • 1 BC 547 NPN Transistor.
  • 1 10kΩ Potentiometer , 1 1KΩ Resistor(0.5 W) ,2 100Ω Resistor(0.5W).
  • LDR (Light Dependent Resistor)
  • LinkIt One Board.
  • USB Cable for LinkIt One .
  • 9V Battery
  • Push To On Switch.
  • Jumper Wires.
  • 1 Rectangle Box.

Step 2: Assembly and Connections for Digital Object Counter:

  • Take a General Purpose PCB Board and assemble the circuit of digital object Counter using the above circuit diagram Except the LDR.
  • Solder The Components Or else U can also Etch The above Circuit using Eagle.
  • Your Digital Object Counter Is Ready
  • Now Interfacing LDR with LinkIt One To Get Analog Values on Serial Monitor And Use This Analog Value which Is Explained In The Next Step.

Step 3: Connection of LDR With LinkIt One

  • Now Connect one teminal of LDR To Analog Pin (A0) of LinkitOne Board and The other terminal To +5V of The Board.
  • Thus, Analog Values From The LDR is Obtained From the Serial Monitor Of Arduino IDE.
  • When LDR is In Dark You will Get One Constant analog Value and When it is In Light U will get Another Constant Analog value.
  • Now,Connect One Pin Of LDR to The Ground Terminal Of The Counter Circuit and Pin 13 Of Linkit One Goes To The Base Terminal Of NPN Transistor.
  • Digital Output of Pin 13 is used as a Clock Pulse to The Digital Object Counter.
  • When Light Falls On The LDR and as soon an Obstacle passes by the Counter Advances By 1.
  • Congratulations, Your Digital Object Counter Interfacing LDR with LinkIt One board is Ready.

Step 4: Upload the Code,Compile and Run

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<p>Nice tracking system</p>

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