Step 9: Complete Installation

1. Plug your finished product into the AC power supply.
2. Power it on
3. Hang it on the wall and enjoy.
Awesome, might do this next time I get my hands on an old laptop. Even if I dont, still a usefull to keep in mind when making a new mini case for my original xbox (media centre in teh lounge :) )
i am not as familar with laptop motherboards, but is the psu built into it or where did the power come from?
Depending on the size of the PSU and the components you use, you may be able to mount the brick inside the frame.  WARNING DANGEROUS:  You could also... if you dare... break open the PSU and mount it (guarding for electrical protection mind you) as to take up less space, though I do NOT recommend this, due to the nature of PSUs.
micahdear (author)  CyborgGold5 years ago
Its actually better to leave the PSU seperate because you can then use thin trasparent speaker wire running to the picture frame.. If you interalize the PSU you then need 10-12 guage wire and its going to stand out quite a bit.
micahdear (author)  thebigreddude6 years ago
Hi there, Just like any laptop, the PSU is external. I kept all laptop components intact so the same adapter that was used before the transition is still being used. Thanks for the question.
netspec6 years ago
hi - where did you purchase your touchscreen? I can't seem to find one for $40. Thanks.
micahdear (author)  netspec6 years ago
Might I suggest eBay.. but instead of looking for a touchscreen, look for a tablet PC, I just found one for about 25 bucks including shipping, as an added bonus you can flip the screen around and mount an aesthetic frame to the screen, and if you need a keyboard, just lift the screen and use it.
This seems like a great idea, and also, if you had say, 3 or 4 you could have them about the house. Say, one in the kitchen, another in the bedroom, you could link them all to a network, via wifi. You could have access to all your files, where ever you go in the house.
micahdear (author)  MysteryPills5 years ago
LOL, I actually have 4 and you've described my house.. My friends find it hilarious as I have more computers in my place then most medium size companies! :) Thanks for the comment! Cheers Micah
love it!!!
NadaZ6 years ago
I am trying to do this with an old Dell laptop, 15 or 14 inch, but I am going to use linux and make it a clock/calendar/picture frame. It has a P3, 384 mb of RAM, and a ATI Rage. Can't wait to take it apart lol
thesmilies6 years ago
I have to ask, how did you get all those colors in your pictures? I just put XP on an old laptop, and XP limited the colors to 16, so the pictures looked really bad. Did you do anything extra to your laptop?
micahdear (author)  thesmilies6 years ago
Even on an older Pentium, if your only seeing 16 colors, then you have the wrong video card drivers installed or some other issue relating to your video card hardware/software. You should be seeing a minimum of 16bit color or 24bit which is what I have on this laptop. Hope this helps.