Step 5: Finishing everything up.

Picture of finishing everything up.
the last thing I did was build a bezel around the monitor using 2mm mdf. I used the little feet from the bottom of a bookshelf to attach the bezel to the cab and then painted them black. finally I cut out trangles from an old mouse pad and glued them on the corners for palm rests.

as I mentioned before, Im still working on the legs, and i've ordered some mercury switches so I can hopefully add nudge capabilities to the cabinet. If you are thinking about building a cabinet for yourself, definately check out the visual pinball forums and the hyperpin forums.

eel free to ask any questions you may have, and I hope you enjoyed the instructable. here is a link to the video of the machine in action - I apologies for the average quality. you'll notice the first game takes about 30 seconds to load up - that's because Hyperpin is accesing visual pinball. each subsequent game only takes 5-7 seconds to load.

kpomerleau2 years ago
Great job! Gonna do this myself also, should be a lot of fun.
jhubbard63 years ago
How about the folding legs that supports those long, white plastic tables. Those things can take alot of weight, and should be easy to convert to your table.
xvicente4 years ago
"Pintendo" is the most funny word I heard in my life!
I love this, Great work, I am inspired to make one.
It is nice to see a more affordable virtual pinball build. To you give us a rough estimate on how much you spent on hardware and materials?

As for folding legs, you should check out what Ben Heck is doing with his new custom pinball machine build. He is building collapsable legs into his cabinet design.
Video is private.....