RegiStax is a software for aligning, stacking and processing images. By being creative with the initial image library you can make interesting digital prints. The image above was made using 144 screen shots driving across the golden gate bridge on google earth.

Step 1: ​Downloading RegiStax

The first step is downloading and installing RegiStax 6 on your computer. This can be done using the link below.


Step 2: Make an Image Library

I made the above library by taking screen shots as I clicked my way through the golden gate bridge on google street view. Be sure to save the images in the same folder and label the images in order, (001) (002) and so on.

Step 3: Open RegiStax

Once you've opened RegiStax look for the Select button in the top left corner.

Step 4: Select Your Files

Locate the directory you made for your images and select all of your files.

Step 5: Click on No Align

Once your files have loaded click on the "No Align" button on the left toolbar.

Step 6: You Have Your Image!

Congratulations! You have your stacked image. You're on your way to making digital art. Be sure to play around with the different settings and get creative with your initial library.

<p>Interesting blurring effect.</p>

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