Introduction: Digital Tachometer Modification

Adding a *constant on* feature.

I have wanted one of these for some time now but I need one that will stay on without holding down a button.  The ability to set the tool, leave it and say start or rev something then come back to it and know the max/min speeds is very useful for someone who works alone.  This was EASY, anyone can do it and in my opinion it makes for a much more useful tool.


papagun made it! (author)2013-12-10

I had to do a similar thing with a laser pointer. I used a clothespin. One could also wind a rubber band around the unit and place a small bit of plastic or other hard material over the switch to depress it. Not as sexy as adding another switch, but hey... It works as well.

NelsonStudios made it! (author)NelsonStudios2013-12-11

Yes it would, a friend of mine bought the same unit after me and did just that.

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