Introduction: Digital Thermometer Using LM35 With Mediatek LinkIt One Board

Picture of Digital Thermometer Using LM35 With Mediatek LinkIt One Board

In this Instructable, You will be able to Measure Body Temperature and Indicate whether a person has FEVER or not. This is done by interfacing LM35 with Mediatek LinkIt One.

LM35 is a 3 terminal temperature sensor.

Step 1: Components

Lm35 Temperature Sensor
Mediatek LinkIt One Board

Connecting Wires

Step 2: Connections

Picture of Connections

Vcc : 3V3 on Board
Out: A0 on Board
GND :Ground

Step 3: Code,Compile and Run

Picture of Code,Compile and Run

I have Uploaded The Code.....
Now Code,Compile and Run!!!!
Digital Thermometer Is Ready Now!!

Thanks for watching this!!


VaibhavK18 (author)2015-12-11


1.About Linearity,Sensitivity and accuracy, LM35 is mostly preferrred. And you can check above the uploaded output pic, Output is remaining constant.

2. Skin temperature of human body is 34'C(for upper layer)and 37'C(for Inner layer) while the Core temperature of Human body is around 37'C, so Output will display FEVER only when temperature>38'C.

Tehemton (author)2015-12-11

Lm35 is inherently very noisy. You haven't used any sort of filtering for a stable value. Also you can't get reliable core temp readings this way.. Skin temp and core temp have quite some discrepancy. On a hot day skin temp can rise.. Which is in no way an indication of fever. I suggest you read up a bit and edit/improve this instructable.

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