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Introduction: Arduino Powered Digital Thermometer

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This is a digital temperature measurement device powered by the Arduino UNO R3. It is quite simple and a very handy thing to be able to make. A suitable project to learn about Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) interacting with an Arduino.

Step 1: Gather the Components Needed

For this project you will need:

- An Arduino with USB connectivity

- 220 ohm resistor

- 10K Potentiometer

- Arduino-compatible 16 x 2 LCD

- Temperature sensor

- Breadboard and wires

Step 2: Get Power

To give your breadboard power, connect the 5v and GND pins on your arduino to the + and - on the side of the breadboard respectively.

Step 3: Wire Up the Temperature Sensor

Connect the left pin on the flat side of the temperature sensor to +. The centre pin of the temperature sensor goes to A0 (Analog Input 0). And the right pin on the flat side of the temperature sensor goes to -. The temperature sensor is now active.

Step 4: Wire Up the LCD and Potentiometer

To make explaining a lot easier, use this diagram to wire up the LCD and potentiometer. The potentiometer will control the brightness/contrast of the LCD.

Step 5: Program

This is the code I wrote. Feel free to copy.

Step 6: End Result



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    Млять, well who so makes out projects?
    Neither temperature sensor models, nor scheme, nor opportunity to copy a code.

    pleas epost copy of code in comment box.

    Why would you need the 220 Ohm Resistors? The LCD can take all 5V and so can everything else on the board, comparing to the one I built, and secoundly the Temp Sensor, was it the LM36GZ

    maybe it would be good to write what sensor is used....

    Nice Ible ...