Step 11: Last step

Remove all the tape and reassemble.
deernads884 years ago
hey bro love the camo and r u sure its an airsoft
sandbox2906 years ago
i think u can get a non gloss finish that's just as effective but i am not sure
Or you could take a very fine grit sand paper, ie. 400 or 600, and go over it all. It would probably dull it out nicely without clouding it over.
Why paint it camouflage then use a gloss coat? so now you have a camo shiny rifle.
57ub31 (author)  deathbyronin_136 years ago
The gloss protects the paint. If you play airsoft seriously then your gun is going to get banged around alot. The type I used was the only thing I had available at the time. My enemies do not have camera flashes on their guns so my gun does not look shiny on the battlefield.
Yeah I guess on the airsoft battlefield its ok as long as there is no sun too, But like us guys on a real battlefield we do play for real and bang are guns around alot. I know of airsoft guns like crazy but what do you do on the battlefield? is it like paintball or Simunition training?
57ub31 (author)  deathbyronin_136 years ago
Its alot slower than paintball. I could try and explain but the best way would be to visit a local airsoft field if there is one around and try it out for a day
but just 1 with the polyeurothane?
57ub31 (author)  i am theJEWTRON6 years ago
read step 10
nvr mind i found a can at home depot. How many coats did you apply?
57ub31 (author)  i am theJEWTRON6 years ago
incredible man. GREAT WORK! this has helped so much. but one question. where did you buy the finish?
57ub31 (author)  i am theJEWTRON6 years ago
idk it was just in my shop
jetsfan6 years ago
How long did this take you?
57ub31 (author)  jetsfan6 years ago
idk 17 hours?