This is not a cover for fabric, this is a cover made of fabric. However, I suppose you could cover fabric with it if you want to.

This is simply a method of turning a black and white digital image into a large heart-shaped fabric throw that can be made of any two fabrics of your chosing.

I made mine for use with the Inflatable Love seat.

Step 1: Go Get Stuff


- A computer with Photoshop
- A black and white printer
- 60 sheets of paper (give or take)
- Scissors
- Masking tape
- Tracing Paper
- 200 beaded pins
- Thread (to match fabric)
- Fabric for foreground color (as large as you want to make your heart)
- Fabric for background color (as large as you want to make your heart)
- A sewing machine
- A sewing needle
- Photoshop file (see below)
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&nbsp;hi randofo<br /> i made this for my boyfriend and he loved it.. thank u for ur lovely instructions... cheers!
That's cool! I'm glad it worked out for you. As far as I know, you are the first person to have made this one. Do you have any photos? I always like seeing what other people have made with the instructions I post.<br />
&nbsp;hi randofo!<br /> this is what i made using ur instructions.. thank you.. thats me and my boyfriend.
the rastorbator doesnt work
I have just read the inflatable love seat instructable before finishing this one, and I gotta say: bravo! how long did it take for you to finish the whole thing? the cover and the ILS? I'm no expert in sewing so I would imagine that my version is going to take weeks! :D
Thanks! Two weeks intensive labor. I barely knew how to sew before I started this. It was a learning process. The cover was a nightmare. If I had to do it again, I would baste the fabric.
dude this is awesome! what material did you use? the red and black material?
it looks like crushed velvet to me.
WOW! That looks like a LOT of work. It looks great too.

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