Digital photo frame from laptop - yes, another one!

Picture of Digital photo frame from laptop - yes, another one!
This another photo frame made from an old laptop, a Toshiba 1640CDT running a 450Mhz AMD K6-2+, 192MB RAM, 6GB HDD.

Why another? Well, this is Instructables! Everyone has a different approach of doing things! :-)

EDIT: Go to step 5 for improvements!
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Step 1: Step 1: Remove the guts from the laptop

Picture of Step 1: Remove the guts from the laptop
In this step, you basically remove all the screws and unneeded stuff like cd drive, diskette drive, etc. Becarefull disassembling the lcd.

In the end you'll have a nice kit set of parts.

Step 2: Making the frame

Picture of Making the frame
I used an aluminium photo frame I had laying around for this.

Foamcore cardboard was used as a basis.

Measure 4 times, cut once. My first try was scrapped due to wrong measuring.

I cut the foamcore as a snug fit inside the frame. Cut the main display (measuring the pixel, not screen, width and height) area, the on the reverse side, carefully cut part of the cardboard and foam to fit the LCD screen snuggly on the foamcore board.

Thus, the foamcore will act as a frame for the LCD within the frame!

Cut the necessary slots on the original frame's MDF backing for cables to pass through.

Step 3: Final assembly

Picture of Final assembly
Now we're ready for assembling the frame.

Mount the glass, foamcore board, LCD and MDF backing to the frame.

I use scraps of foamcore board to space the motherboard from the conductive aluminium frame and zip-ties to hold it in place.

Connect the LCD's inverter and control cables to the motherboard.

In my case I have to have the original keyboard in place as the BIOS halts on startup for a hybernation partition and floppy drive missing errors, and does not recognize an external USB keyboard.
Damutsch1 year ago

That's avery nice Instructable, I am definitely going to do this, if Iget my hands on an old laptop! Good work!