Introduction: Digital Potentiomter MCP42100 With Arduino

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Digital potentiomter acts in a same way as analog one, except that instead of using fingers to adjust resistance you need to send signal from Arduino via SPI protocol.

In attached screenshots you can see:

  • Pirice comparinson for other alterantives.
  • How to use potentiomter with transistor in case if you want to use it for bigger load. For example to adgaste brightnes of LCD backlight.
  • How to use it as volume control
  • Arduino scetch
  • Fritzing wiring file.

Pulldown resistors are 4.7KOhm (can be: 4K-10K.)
LED resistors: 470Ohm

Step 1:


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-11-09

Clever. This could be very useful for dimming circuits.

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