Introduction: Digital Speedometer, Tachometer & Engine Temperature Display

This project is so complex :)

1- LED tachometer (right one)
2- LED speedometer (left one)
3- Digital (seven segment) display for Speed, RPM & engine temerature. I'm switching between the 3 inputs using one of the car's original rotary switches.

Full instructable here


Khaled_sabry (author)2010-11-22

good work
ya Abo Hosny
it's nice to publish your work , not only in Nilemotors ;)
waiting for the completed circuit

abo_hosni (author)Khaled_sabry2010-11-22

corolla man :)

here is the whole experience

fegundez1 (author)2010-11-21

did you build this? If so How?

abo_hosni (author)fegundez12010-11-21

Yes. I'm making the instructable right now!.
will post a link here

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