Using a balloon, small glass, coin, and a rubber band, you can perform this amazing illusion. Afterwards everything can be examined.
Dose it mater what color the balloon is plz reply quickly<br>
No...color...doesn't...matter...!<br><br>Hope that wasn't too slow.
cant get the video......can you put instructions up?
Where are the instructions?
Hey, thanks a lot for this - I was looking for really easy but really effective tricks and this looks great. Can't wait to try it out. I wonder if it'll work with johnnies(?) dental rubber might be difficult to get hold of :)<br><br>Thanks again<br>C<br>ps - I signed up so I could comment to this ;)
Welcome to Instructables!<br><br>Do you mean condoms? They might work, but cutting a piece out of the side of a large party balloon will works great.<br><br>Cheers!<br><br>
No I wanted to know so I could it to day<br>
i cant see the video can u make an instructable<br>
I suscribed! :D
this trick was in a klutz book of magic i got when i was like 8. it had the best tricks in it
That's where I leaned it too
Wow, good one
cool :D
o.O this coooooooooool =^.^= thanks
this is sooooo cool!! your awesome dude. SUBSCIBED!!!
i'm subsribbin!!!!
Thanks for subsc......Awe! Bassmonkey, you Sub-Tease. I put myself out there, bare my soul to the world...I have all of 6 subscribers on instructables, 31 on youboob. I've broken a camera, busted up model airplanes and myself and now I'm being Sub-Teasered. Sob, sniff, gurgle... WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
If I don't subscribe will the person in the video get squished by the moose. JK
lol! your welcome
That was a well done trick!&nbsp; I like how the people who see the trick can examine the items too.&nbsp; It makes it really difficult to figure out.
Very Cool !<br /> <br />
&nbsp;Thaaaaaat was pretty awesome. Great job!
can you use latex gloves
If the glove can be inflated like a balloon then I think so. The back of the hand part of a large one should work. Some gloves are "powdered" and you most likely would have to wash that off first. Let us know if it works.
what??? how does that work!? that didnt make any sense
watch the whole vid lol
Lol, my teacher had some "Dental Latex" lying around, I showed it to everyone. I, too, learned it from the Klutz magic book. FYI put the coin on a lipstick tube or gluestick, makes it much easier to set up.
Welcome Mate! :-)
I want to watch it, but I've got dial-up
Rubber from the dentist...I am going to steal some...
me too, lol
great trick! easy too
Very cool, and easy to do.
This is so convincing. What a great trick.

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