Picture of Dimensional Paper Lanterns
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I love anything that glows at night! These 3-dimensional blossom lanterns / candle holders are made from 3 things everyone has – old drinking glasses or vases, paper, and candles!

They are super easy to make, in fact, this is the easiest ible I have ever written! =)

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Step 1: Materials and tools

Picture of Materials and tools
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Materials and tools:

  • glass with straight sides, such as cylinders or cubes
  • paper : I used card stock which worked beautifully to get more of the dimensional effect
  • for cutting I used a Silhouette Portrait here- LOVE that little machine (hint hint: Thanksgiving Giveaway in a week...) ! – but it’s easy enough to cut with an X-acto knife

  • double sided tape

  • candles of course! LED one are great if you are concerned
  • I made these patterns which you can download, or create your own!

Step 2: Make the paper dimensional

Picture of Make the paper dimensional
apieceofrainbow23- (4).JPG

First cut out the leaves and stems, and cut along the lines of the petals, be careful not to cut too much and cut them off.
Next, measure the size of your glass and cut the excess paper away.

Now the fun part! Gently fold those petals up so the blossoms become three dimensional!

Use double sided tape to tape the paper onto the outside of the glasses.

Step 3: Let it glow, let it glow

Picture of Let it glow, let it glow
apieceofrainbow23- (5).JPG
apieceofrainbow23- (7).JPG

Now the plain glasses are transformed, light the candles and let the magic begin!

anonysa15 months ago
that is good art lighting
domenic38 months ago

buetifull designs!!

Very Nice

Yerodin9 months ago

Very Nice.
So simple even I clutz like me can probably do it.
However, I do wonder given the heat arising from the inside of the glass, if the method used to secure the paper to the glass will hold for long?

I will investigate if regular silicone paste will work to form a strong bond between the glass & the paper.

How long have you had your very 1st lantern?

blissful2015 I am honestly really excited about the ability to take an x-acto knife and cut out patterns in card stock that can then be turned, folded, & attached to something else.

I struggle to finish all but the most simple projects, but I think I can manage this one.

Thanks for posting it.

blissful2015 (author)  Yerodin9 months ago

i had my lantern for just 2 weeks! =) it has not been a problem with the heat. if you are concerned, you can make the paper cylinder - use glue -a little bigger than the glass and just put it over the glass with a little gap. hope that helps!

Snowball109 months ago

Beautiful! I really want to try this, as I really like candles AND crafts!

askjerry9 months ago

Okay... this is AWESOME... passing along to my wife... I know she will make a bunch!!!

these are exquisitely beautiful. great job!

Thrombis9 months ago

Very cool! I can't wait to try this!

labory9 months ago
awesome idea! love it
goldlego9 months ago

Awesome! That's a brilliant idea!

blissful2015 (author)  goldlego9 months ago

thank you for your kind words! =)

This looks so cool!:) smart idea

blissful2015 (author)  The Clay Crafter9 months ago

thank you! =)

These are so beautiful! Awesome job=)
blissful2015 (author)  loompiggytutorials9 months ago

thank you so much! =)

jbauer49 months ago

These are really beautiful the way they glow. What a neat idea.

blissful2015 (author)  jbauer49 months ago

thank you very much! =)

Cassandra18199 months ago
simple and beautiful !!
blissful2015 (author)  Cassandra18199 months ago

thank you cassandra! =)

watchmeflyy9 months ago

Love them!

sai6139 months ago


Verticees9 months ago

Let it glow! Let it glow! I liked that reference :) ! And by the way, great instructable!

blissful2015 (author)  Verticees9 months ago

haha we don't get snow here in so cal, i have to make it up somehow! =)

poofrabbit9 months ago

These look stunning!!! Nicely done!

blissful2015 (author)  poofrabbit9 months ago

thank you poofrabbit! love your avatar! =)

MicioGatta9 months ago


blissful2015 (author)  MicioGatta9 months ago

thank you micio! =)

BLR_RAVI9 months ago
very nice ..specially when color and lit with light..great
blissful2015 (author)  BLR_RAVI9 months ago

thank you ravi! =)

technovative9 months ago

These are very pretty. I really appreciate your creativity, in all of the projects that you've shared. :)

blissful2015 (author)  technovative9 months ago

thank you! so great to see you techno! =)

Elegant! surprised to see how easily you can make'em :)

blissful2015 (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz9 months ago

thank you muhai! i was feeling actually really weird after hit 'publish' because it's so simple! :D

faiza0079 months ago
these look very beautiful. :)
blissful2015 (author)  faiza0079 months ago

thank you faiza! =)