I love anything that glows at night! These 3-dimensional blossom lanterns / candle holders are made from 3 things everyone has – old drinking glasses or vases, paper, and candles!

They are super easy to make, in fact, this is the easiest ible I have ever written! =)

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Materials and tools:

  • glass with straight sides, such as cylinders or cubes
  • paper : I used card stock which worked beautifully to get more of the dimensional effect
  • for cutting I used a Silhouette Portrait here- LOVE that little machine (hint hint: Thanksgiving Giveaway in a week...) ! – but it’s easy enough to cut with an X-acto knife

  • double sided tape

  • candles of course! LED one are great if you are concerned
  • I made these patterns which you can download, or create your own!
<p>soooooo beautiful ....... looking so tender!!! thank you for sharing this great idea !!!!!</p>
that is good art lighting<br>
<p>buetifull designs!!</p>
<p>Very Nice</p>
<p>Very Nice.<br>So simple even I clutz like me can probably do it. <br>However, I do wonder given the heat arising from the inside of the glass, if the method used to secure the paper to the glass will hold for long? </p><p>I will investigate if regular silicone paste will work to form a strong bond between the glass &amp; the paper.</p><p>How long have you had your very 1st lantern?</p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/blissful2015/" rel="nofollow">blissful2015</a> I am honestly really excited about the ability to take an x-acto knife and cut out patterns in card stock that can then be turned, folded, &amp; attached to something else.</p><p>I struggle to finish all but the most simple projects, but I think I can manage this one.</p><p>Thanks for posting it.</p>
<p>i had my lantern for just 2 weeks! =) it has not been a problem with the heat. if you are concerned, you can make the paper cylinder - use glue -a little bigger than the glass and just put it over the glass with a little gap. hope that helps!</p>
<p>Beautiful! I really want to try this, as I really like candles AND crafts!</p>
<p>Okay... this is <strong>AWESOME</strong>... passing along to my wife... I know she will make a bunch!!!</p>
<p>these are exquisitely beautiful. great job!</p>
<p>Very cool! I can't wait to try this!</p>
awesome idea! love it
<p>Awesome! That's a brilliant idea!</p>
<p>thank you for your kind words! =)</p>
<p>This looks so cool!:) smart idea</p>
<p>thank you! =)</p>
These are so beautiful! Awesome job=)
<p>thank you so much! =)</p>
<p>These are really beautiful the way they glow. What a neat idea.</p>
<p>thank you very much! =)</p>
simple and beautiful !!
<p>thank you cassandra! =)</p>
<p>Love them!</p>
<p>cool! </p>
<p>Let it glow! Let it glow! I liked that reference :) ! And by the way, great instructable!</p>
<p>haha we don't get snow here in so cal, i have to make it up somehow! =)</p>
<p>These look stunning!!! Nicely done!</p>
<p>thank you poofrabbit! love your avatar! =)</p>
<p>thank you micio! =)</p>
very nice ..specially when color and lit with light..great
<p>thank you ravi! =)</p>
<p>These are very pretty. I really appreciate your creativity, in all of the projects that you've shared. :)</p>
<p>thank you! so great to see you techno! =)</p>
<p>Elegant! surprised to see how easily you can make'em :)</p>
<p>thank you muhai! i was feeling actually really weird after hit 'publish' because it's so simple! :D</p>
these look very beautiful. :)
<p>thank you faiza! =)</p>

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