Large Silhouette Chandelier Decoration, the Grandelier


As a creative freelancer, I often design themed environments for special events and nightclubs. I've often been in search for a giant chandelier to use, but I was never able to find one that was really large, reasonably lightweight or uncomplicated to transport or assemble. I liked the simple lines of chandeliers I'd seen in used in modern designs like in urban lounges and hotels. I came up with this solution which creates a nearly six ft. wide , visually-substantial chandelier that weighs less than 15 lbs, and packs flat, and at only half the diameter! This versatile chandelier can even be electrified fairly easily. I've made these in white and black and red, but they could also be cut from other routable foam board products or even foamed PVC board or even acrylic.

Here's how to make your own...

I've developed an updated and improved version which manufactured from PVC plastic sheet and includes battery-operated LED candles.
Purchase a ready to assemble chandelier at

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Step 1:

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The first step is to have a one dimensional silhouette of a chandelier. This was designed in Adobe Illustrator, but you could design or edit the included file in any vector app of your choice. Or you may simply use what I've included as-is.

You will then need to have access to a CNC router. I don't have one of my own, but use a local service, which also supplied the Gatorboard foam board which I've chosen to use for it's cost, relatively good durability and especially how light weight it is.

You will need six sections of half of the chandelier. All halves are identical. To make my chandeliers as large as possible, I was able to get two on a standard 48" x 96" sheet, so I required three sheets total to be cut. 
In my builds, I've used 1/4" Gatorboard foam board, and the slots in the design are cut to accomodate that thickness. Each chandelier requires four slotted disks to hold each of the six sections into place. The slots are 1/2 the radius of the disk, with four matching slots on each chandelier section. Though I require only four of these disks per chandelier, I have plenty of spare room on my 4x8 sheet to cut extra, which is always a great idea to have spares! 

Additionally, I have teardrop "crystals" cut and pre-drilled to be strung with loops of monofilament and hung from the two tiers of each chandelier section.

Omg, that is awesome! can you please start selling these!?

davidandora (author)  SheilaShaikh1 month ago
Thank you- and I do!
viajante2 years ago
That's an original idea
davidandora (author)  viajante2 years ago
Thanks! It was, however inspired by others that I've seen that were much smaller or with less "branches"
bagnitsch2 years ago
davidandora (author)  bagnitsch2 years ago
davidandora (author) 2 years ago
I found his chandelier. What a pretty and delicate structure!
canucksgirl2 years ago
Very pretty. It totally reminds me of the paper chandelier that Jeffery Rudell made in 2008 that was on display at Tiffany & Co. over Christmas that year in New York. He even suggest the same materials. Were you inspired by his earlier design?
davidandora (author)  canucksgirl2 years ago
Thanks! I'll need to see what I can find online now. I don't know of the one you mention. I had seen small silhouette chandeliers before, but only ever four-sided. My inspiration came from several places I recall, but mostly out of a need for a very large, affordable and portable chandelier for themed environment installs.
that is amazing!!!!!! i love that i want one
foobear2 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
davidandora (author)  foobear2 years ago
such flattery!
EllieRose2 years ago
This looks really cool!!
davidandora (author)  EllieRose2 years ago
Organize742 years ago
The surface really catches the colored lights in the room. This design is brilliant! The rooms used for events have such high ceilings that something like this would fit very well and add a lot of interest to the room. Thanks for sharing.
davidandora (author)  Organize742 years ago
Thanks! These white chandeliers are cut from a foam board product called Gatorboard, which is glows brightly under UV light, so they tend to really "pop", which is a nice happy accident.
porklips2 years ago
Wow how easy and fantastic. Will definatly try in a smaller scale for my mini house!
davidandora (author)  porklips2 years ago
So easy! I'm sure it would look great!
This is great. Well done!
davidandora (author)  jessandstavro2 years ago
Thanks! I appreciate the compliment :)