Step 7: "ninja Castle" - Made With Tapes

Skip this step if you did step 5 and 6.

You need:
Tapes, inside diameter = 3", width = 15/16" or/and 30/16" (see image)
Cardboard or Thick Paper

I used:
two 15/16" Masking Tapes + one 30/16" Duct Tape
Color Paper

You do:
Cut out a circle of cardboard matching the tape's profile. Stack the tapes and the cardboard circle in any one of five configurations shown in the image. Tape them together.
<p>love it</p>
Haha awesome
Hey!, <br> I really like this game, and i really want to make it as an addition to my G.C.S.E <br>Resistant materials practical exam (to make a games compendium) and this seems to be perfect for it! Would it be possible for me to add this game to my project? (this may include some alterations to make it more permanent, and so durable) <br> Thanks <br> P.S how do you pronounce Dindio? Could you spell it phonetically and maybe break it up into syllables with slashes or something? <br> Thanks again
Yes, feel free to use this design or modify it for your need, as long as you mention its from here. <br> <br>Dindio pronunciation is quite straightforward, just what you would guess by its spelling, with both &quot;i&quot; pronounced e or yi (not i or eye). <br> <br>Let me know if you have any other questions.
So cute; just solved a holiday present dilemma, thanks! The one thing people are going to want to know is what is the &quot;correct&quot; distance from the castle to set-up the little ninjas? I read through quickly so I hope I didn't miss this somewhere.
The yellow ninja at the end also gave me an idea to make a &quot;civilian&quot; and if it gets knocked over the player who hit it loses. I don't know if that would be a fun addition or not but it would be easy to find out.
Thanks! Great to hear it became your holiday present solution!<br> <br> 7&quot; roughly in my case. The range is quite wide or forgiving since the big &quot;ninja&quot; has a big &quot;head&quot; :)<br> The &quot;correct&quot; distance may vary from Dindio to Dindio as they're hand-made by people even with possibly different materials. A simple way to find out is doing a few test knockings before setting up the little &quot;ninjas&quot; (that's what I did). Thank you for the feedback and adding this info to the instructable right now!<br> <br> Yes try the &quot;civilian&quot; idea! That's what this game is about, being open and creative! I'll try it too!
7&quot; from the outer surface of the &quot;castle&quot; that is
amazing! how did you come up with it!<br>
I basically randomly played with objects trying to find interesting interactions. Some designers draw random lines to discover forms. I see my process as the toy or physical interaction version of this happy-accident-generating method.
Cute games
very cool
Neat idea for a game!<br /> (also, you should enter this into the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Weekly-Make-It-Challenge-Foam/">foam challenge!</a>)

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