Picture of Dingy to Darling-canvas shoe remodel
I had dingy white tennis shoes that fit well.  I wanted some easy, comfy slip-on shoes to wear around the house.  This is how I changed the white lace up shoes to dark gray slip on shoes.    You will need some basic embroidery and crochet skills for this project.  The usual equipment like scissors, large and small, crochet hook, embroidery needles, fabric glues and marking pencils  will also be needed.  I used cotton fabric and cotton embroidery thread.
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Step 1:

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The first thing I did was wash the shoes.  I put them in the wash machine with a load of rags.  The insole was loose in one, which was part of the reason I wanted to work on the shoes. 

Then I took them apart.  I pulled the remaining insole out and set them aside.  Then I used tiny embroidery scissors to cut the stitches and remove the thread.   I also removed the bias trim around the heel of the shoe.  Save all parts as you remove them.  They may come in handy later.

Step 2:

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I used a doubled length of perle cotton, and the holes in the shoe from the original stitching and did a blanket stitch around the front of the shoe.  Use a sharp, sturdy embroidery needle with a large eye.  Begin and end the threads with a few back stitches on the lining of the shoe.  Be careful those stitches do not show on the right side.  

Step 3:

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I dyed them dark gray to make sure the dingy stains did not show.  Of course, use dedicated containers and utensils and follow the directions on the dye packet.  Only cotton fibers will dye well.  I also dyed some perle cotton red for use on these shoes.
Shadri1 year ago
Cool idea!
Did your dye stain the rubber sole? I wanted to try this, but I was told that the rubber would look horrid afterwards...
debdegraeve (author)  Shadri1 year ago
Hi. I just tossed the whole shoe into the dye bath. I did not notice the rubber taking any dye. If it did, you could glue a trim around the shoe to cover the sole. I would love to see what you create. Thank you for checking this out. Deb
Outstanding transformation! :D
mao77777771 year ago
Those are darling :) Wonderful combination of crafty techniques :)