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Introduction: Dino Lamp

My dorm room here at school is very dark since we only have one window. So fix this problem in a pretty cool way, I decided to make a lamp. But not just any lamp. A dinosaur lamp. You see, my roommate is as he puts it "startled" by dinosaurs, so I thought it would be fun to make a dino lamp and "startle" him. It was a success and it lite the room nicely.

All it takes is a few materials:
-empty milk containers
-lighting parts

Be safe and have fun....if you would like to see a full instructable, just let me know and I'll be glad to add one.



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Has anyone found any luck getting a template for the plastic cut-outs yet? Would love to try this with my little girl...

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you can find them here, I just copied the template picture and scaled the size up and printed

Yeah, this is very cool. Would be amazing if you could share a printable template (if you have rights to one or can make one on your own!) and do up a full step-by-step. It looks super fun!

oh yea... and templates or where to get them !

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Thinkgeek.com used to carry these kits, I have two at home, but it appears they've stopped carrying them. Do a google search for "DIY Dinosaur Lamp" and you should find them, looks like this site has them for sale.

I would definitely like a full step by step "ible"