Simple decor piece made with items from the dollar store!


Step 1: Dino Magnets: Materials

Plastic dinosaur

Sharp knife

Gold spray paint

Magnet strips

Hot glue gun


Step 2: Cut and Paint

Cut the dinosaur in half

Spray paint entire dinosaur

Step 3: Add Magnet

Because it was hollow, I first glued a pice of thing cardboard to the back.

Hot glue magnet strips to cardboard (cover as much surface as possible)

Trim excess with scissors

Stick to fridge :)

Step 4: Starburst Mirror: Materials

Small circle mirror

Wooden skewer sticks

Hot glue gun


Sponge brush

Thumb tacks

Step 5: Gluing

Hot glue the sticks to the back of the mirror

**working in quarters works best**

Snap some of the sticks to make them shorter

Alternate the lengths

Step 6: Paint

Take some acrylic paint of your choice and paint the sticks

Brush on two coats with your sponge brush

Wipe mirror clean with damp paper towel

Step 7: How to Hang

Hot glue a couple thumb tacks to the back of the mirror.

Push it into the wall to hang

<p>very nice.. bought that mirror myself, intending to do the same thing.. that was about a year ago. lol.</p><p>nice to know simple skewers would look so cool.</p><p>wonder if it would make sense to paint the skewers before sticking them on.</p><p>would like to use the gold spray paint you used..but gold against a silver mirror.. wonder what that would look like</p>
<p>Cool! :)</p>

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