Introduction: Dino Head Finger Puppet!

Picture of Dino Head Finger Puppet!

Begin by downloading and printing out the attached .pdf file. 

Step 1: Cut!

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Cut along all the thick lines, starting with the outline of the dino head. Don't forget to cut along the thick lines on the interior!

Step 2: Fold!

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Begin to fold along all thin lines. Fold in the opposite direction on the areas with dashed lines.

Step 3: Glue!

Picture of Glue!

Put glue on all the flaps that are polka-dotted. Fold these under the corresponding flaps, going in numbered order.

Step 4: Have Fun!

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Put your pointer finger in the top part of the puppet's snout, and your middle finger in the lower part. Make scissoring  motions with your fingers to make the puppet talk. You can also use it to pick up things!

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MinerMan-Youtuber (author)2016-11-18

OMG this looks awsome but my momwont let me print D:

KathyAnneH (author)2014-05-19

My great grand kits will love this!

Kiteman (author)2014-04-29

Oh, that is just begging for googly eyes!

Lisaur (author)Kiteman2014-04-29

I totally agree!

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