Hi there!

Today i'll be showing you how I made my Dinosaur Coat rack!

Let's get to it!

Step 1: What you'll need!

- A plastic toy Dinosaur ( I used 4 different ones )

- A long Screw

- Plaster

NOTE: Make sure the Dinosaur you're using is empty or stuffed with soft filament.

<p>This is awesome, thanks, my Christmas decorations were filled with dinosaurs and I really miss them. Black was the perfect choice. What about giving the t-rex a tiny bow tie? Might make it pop even more :) </p>
<p>Very creative!</p>
Thank you!
<p>Very cute!!</p><p>Thought it might be a coat rack for a dinosaur to use, because I'm tired of his jacket on the floor. But never mind, this is adorable.</p><p>Is the plaster strong enough? Doesn't the screw wiggle around when coats are hung and removed and crack the plaster inside the dino? Might try with epoxy...</p><p>Thanks for the idea!</p>
thank you! i've been using mine for the better part of 6 months Now and have nog encountered any problems appart from some paint being worn off! epoxy would be possible top, although it doesn't always cure in thick sections.. depended on the epoxy ofcourse.

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