Make this cute jacket in an afternoon!
This project is a pretty simple design: a hoodie sweatshirt with a row of spikes going down the back.
It was inspired by a similar one I saw in a store...but that one was toddler size! Little kids get all the coolest stuff. So I decided to make a big-kid-sized one for my sister for Christmas. It's just her style and if I'm lucky I can "borrow" it and wear it myself.

Step 1: Materials and Equipment


Sewing Machine
Nice Sharp Scissors
Seam Ripper or Small Knife
Sewing Pins
Fabric-Marking Pencil ( I just used a white colored pencil)


Piece of Cardstock (for pattern)
Plain-colored Zip-up Hoodie Jacket
Fabric (I find that using fabrics with siilar textures works best)
Sew cute!
i want to do this... work desk, here I come!!!!!
This is great! I'll try to make one for my kid
This is awesome. But since I can't sew(but it'd be manly if i could) I will ask someone i know can to do it, like my mother :D nice instructable!
Pfft, manly men learn to sew. =D<br><br>Awesome Instructable.
&quot;Sewing isn't hard. Just think of it as woodworking with very soft wood.&quot; (That's the approach I took for my T-tunic, and it worked better than I expected.)<br><br>Yes; it's a very nice bit of design. One minor tweak the completely changes the interpretation of the garment... and not just another set of cat ears. Definite points for creativity, and for not going overboard.
I was going to make a cat, but you killed that idea :(
Whups. Please go ahead; I own a cat-eared hat, so obviously I'm not against them -- it's just that I've seen lots of folks do it badly.<br><br>(I'm not wild about the hat I've got, actually -- Plus is that it's a nice furry fabric and the interior of the ears is a suitable contrasting fabric, minus is that the ears aren't really placed correctly for an anthropomorphic cat, and the hat doesn't cover my human ears.)<br><br><br>I don't know whether you saw the Japanese cat-ears that shift their expression in response to a set of electrodes on the user's forehead, trying to respond to the wearer's emotional state or at least to some signal people could use to control them with a bit of practice. The motors were a bit noisy, but the idea was interesting enough that I've sometimes pondered what it would take to do a simple version, possibly entirely mechanical with control cables down to inside a jacket's pockets.<br><br>And I'm *still* trying to figure out how to make a tail that moves properly. I've seen animated dog tails, but cat tails are more expressive and may heed at least one more set of &quot;tendons&quot; to get the proper degree of control.
That's cool! I think I might put wires in my (black) cat or other animal of sorts to hold it's tail up. My choices are as followed: Bear, Wolf, Cat, Mouse. Anything else you would suggest? It is a plain black hoodie, and I have many colors of fleece-like fabric including black. I can't find an ear pattern online. :( so i guess i have to make it myself. My ears in my vision of it are 3-D. Any help?
i like the bear idea since its a black hodie but if u have white fabric you could always make a koala or a panda bear!
I had to get rid of the jacket :( It got too small. I grow like a weed.....
Definitely 3D ears.<br><br>The simplest version of cat ears would be two triangles attached along one edge -- think tetrahedron (d4, if that helps) where one of the sides is actually part of the hood and one (the front of the ear) is open. Altering the shape of one or both of the triangles could round off the ear and otherwise fine-tune its shape. You might need to include something that would stiffen the ear to help it maintain its shape.<br><br>Experimenting with scraps, and/or with paper, might be a good way to figure this out.<br><br>Have fun -- and if you come up with something you like, please do post it!
maybe a panther would be cool!
Maybe I'll put something inside the ears to make them 3-d. I could also use fabric stiffener... Thanks for the help!
Thank you for the compliment. : )
I agree. My dad sews (though not clothes, he can't follow a pattern to save his life). The guys at his shop made fun of him until they saw all the cool stuff he made. : )
Hmmm, wondering if the &quot;spikes&quot; might stand up a bit better with **batting between the layers? <br>**Batting is what's used in-between quilt layers to give it that little bit of &quot;cushion&quot;.<br><br>Beth<br>
It's cool projects like this that make me excited to re-learn how to sew (haven't sewn since Jr High &amp; am taking sewing classes next month at the local college). Will post a pic if I can figure how to make this.<br><br>BTW, I totally agree with you... Little kids do get all the cool clothes ~~ until now ;0)<br><br>Love your Dino Hoodie 'ible!!<br><br>Beth
Wow thx for the 'ible! Im thinkin' of dino hats, shirts, and much much more!!!
oh goodie thanks my 5yr old daughter loves dinosaurs i will have to make her one for Christmas.<br>
i need more hoodies lol im making one of these for my girlfriend if i can get fabric
Look on freecycle. They give away HUGE bags of fabric there. My entire stock of fur is from freecycle.
i made my nephew a dinosaur hooded towel for christmas. same idea as this hoodie, but assembled differently. (1) instead of individual spikes i had 2 long chains of spikes (front &amp; back, stuffed with batting to make them stick out), and (2) instead of cutting the towel down the middle to attach the spikes, i lay the spikes down the middle of the towel, folded the towel in half, &amp; sewed the spikes in place (since you're going to end up with a thick seam either method). i learned the hard way that it's waaay easier to draw the spikes on 1 piece of material, sew them together with a satin/zig-zag stitch, &amp; then cut them out, rather than cutting out the spike chains &amp; then sewing them together -- towels are not forgiving when sewn! i made a matching bath mitt, but that's another story...
That's what I'd do!
cool! I will probably make something like this shaped like a badger
now its a bear. see orksecurity's comment :/
never mind :D
Sounds cool! That'll be something to see! Be sure to post pictures!
https://www.instructables.com/id/Reflective-Dino-Hoodie/#previewlink <br>Your idea has been stolen.
or maybe a cat... I just realized I didn't have the fabric for the badger details, but I do for a cat!
I will put a tail on it. I am not buying fabric until I am COMPLETELY out of a color
I haven't sewn since school, but I'm going to have a go because this is cool!<br><br>Thanks,<br>Drew
Cool! Some things can just convince people of things...
It's just fabulous! Thank you for sharing this!
super awesome!!
this is insanely awesome! maybe i'll pick up a sweatshirt from goodwill next time i'm there....<br><br>great 'ible!
Amazing I'm searching through my old hoodies after new years to make one

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