Picture of Dinosaur Push Pins
Have you guys seen those super duper adorable teensy tiny animal butt magnets? Like, they just make you want to pick up a ukelele and sing about overpriced cute things, right? (

In an effort to motivate myself to clean up my desk area, I thought that perhaps if I made some dinosaur push pins it would force me to put up a bulletin board, which might convince me to put up shelves, which might make me finally have a workable work space.

So obviously that didn’t happen, but here’s what I did accomplish.

You can read a more colorful description of this Instructable at my blog:
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Step 1: Materials & Tools Needed

Picture of Materials & Tools Needed
Pliers (not necessary but makes the sawing easier)

Plastic dinosaur figurines (or whatever animal you like)
Flat-headed push pins
E-6000 adhesive
Spray paint

Step 2: Construction

Picture of Construction
or rather....destruction?

Just using the rumps of these little plastic figurines seemed a shameful waste of dino goodness, so I decided to use both ends.  I used pliers to hold one end of the figurine while I sawed it in half.

I used E-6000 to glue the cut ends to the flat-head push pins and let them set overnight.

Using what spray paint I had left over from previous projects, I gave the dinos two light coats of paint with various shades.  The two metallics definitely gave the best results.

Step 3: Finals

Picture of Finals

leapslc1 year ago
Shoot. I just disposed of a few hundred of those plastic dinos. These are great! Maybe I will have to buy more dinosaurs - which I promised myself I would never do!
pliers would be a better name than a wrench for the tool. I will be definitely be making these for the girlfriend!
koalalana (author)  specialkk991 year ago
Ah! Thanks for pointing out my brainfart ;)
These will make an awesome gift for a friend of mine! Btw, yet another UrbanOutfitters overpriced item that I'm pretty sure one could make for less than $2 instead of buying for $12.