Dinosaur Toothbrush Holder

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My son is a dinosaur fanatic like a lot of young kids. He also doesn't do a very good job of remembering to brush his teeth or keeping his bathroom nice and tidy. So, I made this toothbrush holder from a cheap dinosaur and both of these things have been remedied. I don't remember seeing this before, but Family Fun Magazine did post a similar idea in 2012.

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Step 1: Step 1: Gather your materials

This project doesn't take much and it cost a total of $3.


  1. Cheap, hollow dinosaur. I got mine at Michael's. Make sure that it's hollow, better quality ones are out there, but in this case, the cheaper the better. I also saw lions and hippopotami which could be cool depending on your kid as well.
  2. An X-Acto knife or other sharp cutting instrument. I made two of these and started the first by clamping the dino in the vice and using a drill and power jigsaw, but in the end, the X-Acto was all I needed.
  3. A power toothbrush. You could also do this with manual toothbrushes, but in that case you'd probably be best served using a larger gauge drill bit.
  4. A sharpie or other marking device
tacocats1 month ago
Bannockburn (author)  tacocats15 days ago

mucho gracias

super cool idea :)
Bannockburn (author)  girlinthespecks15 days ago

thanks, so far it's working very well and getting the little guy to brush his teeth...score!


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