Dinosaur Trophy





Introduction: Dinosaur Trophy

This instructable will take you through the steps of converting a cheap wooden dinosaur puzzle into a large dinosaur wall trophy.

Step 1: Bits & Bobs - Tools & Stuff



Wood Glue

Spray mount (or other way of temporarily attaching paper templates to wood)

Card for shield template

Picture Hanger

Wood for Shield

6mm MDF or Ply for puzzle pieces


Computer with scanner and printer

Scroll Saw (you may be able to do it on a bandsaw with a narrow blade)

Drill with 6.5mm bit


Sand paper and files

Router and bit

Step 2: Making Templates

The original puzzle was purchased form ebay for about £3.

I then scanned the puzzle piece boards and resized so that the slots for the pieces to join together matched the size of the wood I was using (in this case 6mm).

I then printed them out, I had to spread the image over 4 pages and then tape it together. (you can use paint to do this)

To make the shield template, fold a piece of thin a card in half and draw a half shield shape then cut it out. It is roughly 8” square.

Step 3: Prep and Cutting

Using the original puzzle work out which pieces are needed for the head and neck assembly. Cut these out and stick to your wood (I use spray mount as it peels off again easily)

Drill a hole at the top of each slot, I used a 6.5mm bit so my slots where a slightly lose fit. (this is fine as they are being glued)

Using a scroll saw cut all the pieces out and then sand any rough edges. Ensure all pieces will slot together.

Using the shield template cut out the shield from your wood of choice and route the edge (I used some rubber wood offcuts)

Mark a slot for the neck to fit into then chain drill and chisel it out.

Fix on your choice of picture hanger.

Step 4: Finishing Up

Dry fit all the pieces together and when happy glue the pieces together with PVA wood glue.

Hang on the wall and enjoy.


I have left mine unfinished as I fully expect the recipients to paint them.

Step 5: Extras

I made a Velociratoptor and used that as the basis of this instructable.

I also made a Styracosaurus and have included the templates for those here.

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Great Idea for kids...and for myself!!!



awesome work and great instruct able, i will be making this one when my other projects die down, cheers! \m/

You know, I think your technique of scaling up those wooden puzzle toys would be an insanely awesome way to make a killer lawn ornament.

Thats actually on my list of things to build this summer. I already have a bunch of 3/4 plywood and the patterns scaled up. I've always wanted to build a 6 foot t-rex since I was a kid and now my son is old enough to help.........he he he he

Gonna use the ply as a base and fiberglass each part to stand up to the weather.

That sounds amazing, make sure you share with us!

sound like a great project, I await photos

check out this guy's work: uctables.com/id/T-Rex-Dinosaur-Puzzle-with-different-sizes-and-pos