I wanted to replace a bench swing that had broken on my girl's swing set. The set itself is fine and all, but nothing to write home about. The bench was broken beyond repair and needed a complete overhaul. I felt like I could do something a little better than what was originally in place so I said hey why not a dinosaur. I figured a Triceratops would make the perfect dino for the project. Before I get a bunch of angry comments... I know... it's really just a Torosaurus in a different stage of development, but come on, science has already taken a planet, the Brontosaurus and who knows what else from my childhood.

Alright now I had an idea of what I wanted to build, but what materials was I going to use to construct a replacement? I had thought about making a simple bench from wood with two dinosaurs on the sides out of plywood, but I really wanted this thing to pop, so I decided to jump/dive right into fiberglass.

On a safety note. My girls are will be turning three soon they can use the swings by themselves, and I would not feel comfortable if this was a swing that they could self propel, walking behind something like this and getting hit by it while in motion would really make for a bad day. This bench was and is the only  part of the swing that they need assistance to use, since I or another adult had to be standing there pushing them I figure there will be no chance for one of them to be on it while the other was walking behind while in motion.

Step 1: Find Your Project

So I kept looking at this sad old swing and figured it was time to get off my butt, put my Super Dad cape on and get to work.
That's great! I bet your daughter loves it.
Thank you very much.

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