Picture of Dip Dye Waxed Thread Necklace
photo 1.JPG
This simple necklace is a statement piece that's very easy to make, and can be molded into unlimited shapes. 
I used a thick cord, but this process works great on yarn, or even embroidery thread.

You'll Need:
01.  Cord (about 30-40") & Scissors
02.  Beeswax, vessel to melt in
03.  Fabric Dye
04. Clothespin & Line to hang dry
05. (Optional) Thread or beads as details

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Step 1: Prepare the Cord

Picture of Prepare the Cord
Trim your cord to the desired length, leaving a couple extra inches for the knots. I used a fisherman's knot so that the length is adjustable, but any knot will work. 

Step 2: Wax Cord

Picture of Wax Cord
Dip the cord in the wax to the desired length, starting at the center of the necklace. Let sit in the wax for 15-20 seconds, until the cord is completely saturated. This will keep it flexible.

NOTE: The wax is going to act as a resist, so wherever you dip the wax will NOT accept fabric dye. 
Steps 2 and 3 can be reversed, if you wish to wax over the area you have dyed. In this case I chose to use it as a resist.

Let the wax dry for at least 15 minutes, then run it under cold water to stiffen.
Soak the cord in water for about 10 minutes.

(Variation: You can also add colorants to your wax to create a different effect)

Step 3: Dye

Picture of Dye
While the necklace is wet, dip it part way into the fabric dye. It will immediately begin to bleed upward, creating an ombré. You can repeat the dip until you're happy with the fade you've created. Use a clothespin to hang dry. 

Let dry for a couple hours, and embellish with any thread or beads you wish.

If you wish to heat set the fabric dye (or speed up the drying process) you can take a hair dryer to it.
The dried wax will be pliable and can be shaped however you want! 
sunshiine2 years ago
This looks like a fun project! Thanks for sharing!
Julia.Lemke (author) 2 years ago
The wax can be shaped before or after it has dried. I prefer to wait until it was set up a little bit, to avoid finger prints
Cool idea! The one in the main image seems to be stiffened into another shape. Did you dip it in wax and then make it dry in a certain shape?