Picture of Dip Dyed Ombre Rose Petal Fairy Dress!
dip dyed ombre flower petal rose dress fairy princess 086.jpg
dip dyed ombre flower petal rose dress fairy princess sketch.jpg
Fairy flower rose petal princess dress easy to make costume dress ups little girl fun wings brick wall.jpg
This is a dress my daughter has wanted me to make for her since she was probably 4.
The Flower Fairy Dress!
This picture, drawn by my daughter, was the vision.

Step 1: Cut Petals!

Picture of Cut Petals!
cut fabric petals.jpg
cut petals.jpg
I was given about 10 yards of this glorious white shiny material.  Maybe some kind of satin/nylon...?
Anyway, it was free and therefore totally in my price range!

I cut out petals in 2 different sizes.  One just slightly smaller than the other.
(You could do whatever size petal you want...but the smaller the petal, the more time sewing them on later...you decide!)
craftyv2 years ago
I love it and the Instructable is great. Very well done. May I make a suggestion about the dress? Try a petticoat with a wire in it around the bottom which would hold the petals out a little, depending on the size of the petticoat (as wide or narrow as you want). I feel that this might enhance the look. Iv'e been making my families costumes for years and enjoy making every one. Well done what a great colour.
gb44772 years ago
Cool outfit