This is a dress my daughter has wanted me to make for her since she was probably 4.
The Flower Fairy Dress!
This picture, drawn by my daughter, was the vision.

Step 1: Cut Petals!

I was given about 10 yards of this glorious white shiny material.  Maybe some kind of satin/nylon...?
Anyway, it was free and therefore totally in my price range!

I cut out petals in 2 different sizes.  One just slightly smaller than the other.
(You could do whatever size petal you want...but the smaller the petal, the more time sewing them on later...you decide!)
<p>Soldering iron will also do to cut nylon fabric.</p>
I love it and the Instructable is great. Very well done. May I make a suggestion about the dress? Try a petticoat with a wire in it around the bottom which would hold the petals out a little, depending on the size of the petticoat (as wide or narrow as you want). I feel that this might enhance the look. Iv'e been making my families costumes for years and enjoy making every one. Well done what a great colour.
Cool outfit

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