Picture of Direct wire GPS mount + EZPass holder for Benz C240
Last one for the Toyota was too easy & not enough pics. This time I draw inspirations from Apple !

Materials needed:

- 4" x 12" Balsa ply wood
- 5/8" wooden ball
- 1/2" wooden dowel
- Black spray paint
- Cig light socket
- 5' thin gauge wire

Total cost ~ $10

Step 1: Looks like a iMac G4 ?

Picture of Looks like a iMac G4 ?
Can't tap into dome light this time. Benz has rain & light sensors near the mirrors, can't risk it.
So dash mount this time.
automd5 years ago
Very nice instructable! The position is just right. Not too near and not too far either. I saw some gps installations that are pretty much on the wrong location on the dash.
wongman2001 (author)  automd4 years ago
I've since moved it to left hand side, just behind the NY State stickers. Ran the USB wires under behind the console & thru the A pillar.

Even less intrusive now :)