Last one for the Toyota was too easy & not enough pics. This time I draw inspirations from Apple !

Materials needed:

- 4" x 12" Balsa ply wood
- 5/8" wooden ball
- 1/2" wooden dowel
- Black spray paint
- Cig light socket
- 5' thin gauge wire

Total cost ~ $10

Step 1: Looks like a iMac G4 ?

Can't tap into dome light this time. Benz has rain & light sensors near the mirrors, can't risk it.
So dash mount this time.
Very nice instructable! The position is just right. Not too near and not too far either.&nbsp;I saw some gps installations that are pretty much on the wrong location on the dash.<br />
I've since moved it to left hand side, just behind the NY State stickers. Ran the USB wires under behind the console &amp; thru the A pillar.<br><br>Even less intrusive now :)

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