My car charger socket is way on the bottom console, and stretching the cable all the way up is damn ugly. Actually, this pic is version 1 where I epoxied the stick directly to the EZPass tag. Thing came off fter 3 days.

Step 1: REmove the dome light

Open the sun glasses holder & remove the screws. Then take a small screw driver, pry open tthe driver side lense, the remove the third screw. Push the whole dome assembly towards the back, pull down and the whole thing will come out, Disconnect the wire harness.
I have always wondered if you could just disassemble the power plug for something like this and wire the positive and negative lines directly into the power for a vehicle, thus eliminating the need to wire in an additional plug. I like the idea of tapping the dome light, I always figured one would need to tap the fuse box directly for something like this.
It was all a trial-and-error learning process.<br/>I realize later the 2-part epoxy is still not strong enough in the EZPass directly.<br/><br/>Wiring for my C-240 was much, much harder:<br/><a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/Direct-wire-GPS-mount-EZPass-holder-for-Benz-C24/">http://www.instructables.com/id/Direct-wire-GPS-mount-EZPass-holder-for-Benz-C24/</a><br/>

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