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Introduction: Dirt Bike/ Motorcycle

About: I'm an apprentice toolmaker based in Swindon, UK

this was my project i did for my college assignment. With me wanting to do something odd and different compared to the standard project which people were doing like altering the play station remote or modifying there computers.

I came up with the idea when i wanted something to use to get around the farm with which was also cheep and on a budget.

I also wanted to make the bike experimental by using box steel instead of conventional tubing. i also thought it would be easier to weld up with it being square.

Step 1: The Build

I started the build by playing around with what shapes to do to fit the engine and also what would work and look good

once i was happy i then tack welded it so any modification could be done quickly and easily.

i also added tobe on the inside of the frame to mount the engine onto.

Step 2: Adding the Wheels, Etc...

the wheels i used from a mountain bike which i got off eBay for £25.00 in Bristol

i then cut off what i didn't need then tied on the parts to get an ideas of what it would look like before welding it all together.

Step 3: Paint Job

now the frame is together and welded up i decided to paint the bike Saturn black as i though that color suited the bike with the grey seat which was from a center part of a rear seat in a jaguar which i got from the scrap yard

Step 4: Gearing

this was by far the most complex part of the build to make sure everything was in line to prevent the chain snapping or getting caught

Step 5: The Electrics

I decided to add some electrics to the bike which consisted of a horn and alarm just to make life harder for myself.

I built the circuit first on bread board then on strip board.

Step 6: Completion and Test Run

this the bike in action and completed photos

Enjoy =D

The bike in total cost £152.94 which is pretty cheep to be fair for what you would pay for a normal dirt bike.



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    Great project. well done.

    i have an idea... take a battery powered drill ziptie it to the place were you twist it to crank to turn on press and hold the button to the drill making it crank

    Since you've geared it through the bike side, are you hooking up a pedal to act as a crank for starting it? Pretty awesome project. Looks great and would be great fun to ride around the property (would get arrested for it anywhere else, I'm guessing). Would be a nice project for my folks to putter around their little town on - just right for to & from church without having to get the car out.

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    i am planning to but i currently bump start it whihc it usually starts up first time.

    Very nice and reminds me of the old wartime motorbikes you see in films.

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    judging from the video clip I am guessing you are in the southern hemisphere :)

    what is the top speed?

    where did you source the engine from?

    It looks like a direct drive system .. does the motor disengage for stopping or does it have a neutral gear?

    3 replies

    I'm in the northen hemisphere in England

    the top speed i have got is about 40mph

    I got the engine from ebay from a private seller

    the drive system goes through the pedal shaft to the rear sprocket of the push bike wheel. the engine has a clutch which is connected to the handle bar like on a convental motorcycle. You can buy centrifugal clutch conversions if you rather that.

    the southern hemisphere joke was because the video clip is upside down :)

    is it, lol, its the right way when i open it. hahaha

    you can search gas bike or motorized bike and find people selling the motor he used. gasbike.net and bikeberry.com are sites I used to build my gas bike. my bike easily does 40+ mph

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    nice bike mate, my bike is 80cc, whats yours??

    it's 80 cc I got a new carburetor with jets coming so than I hope to get a few more mph out of it.

    Its an 80cc engine, never been sure of the make as there is no stamp or anything. was made in china i beleve which bought off a private seller