Picture of Dirt Cheap Arduino Enclosure
Don't you hate how most arduino enclosures you find on the web cost about half as much as an arduino itself? Some enclosures cost almost as much as an arduino.

Here's how to make an arduino enclosure for under $3
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Step 1: Buy stuff

Picture of Buy stuff
Go to Lowes or Home Depot and buy a Carlon 1-Gang plastic Old Work electrical box the model number should be B108R
here's a picture of what it looks like

next get a Raco metal electrical box cover
that looks like this

then get two pairs of nuts and bolts that fit in the two main holes for the arduino
you might also want a couple extra nuts if you want to lay your box flat on something

note that you might already have nuts and bolts that fit already in your garage
hey, if you're lucky you might even have all of this already
but if you don't,
all of this shouldn't cost much, about $3 or less

Step 2: Tools you'll need

Most of the work will be done with a drill and various drill bits
a vice will help to hold it while you drill

a nibbler tool is good here too but not needed
a dremmel is fine too
hack saw and glue might be used
sweenes3 years ago
Great idea, this has more room than the altoids boxes ive been using.
afreeland3 years ago
I like the idea...allows those of us on budgets to protect our equipment for a reasonable price. Havent tried this yet but probably will for whatever my next project is.
Just make sure you apply at least several layers of electrical tape or duct tape so make sure nothing will short out.
You really shouldn't need to. These wiring boxes are made of plastic. They're not conductive enough to bridge any of the pins.

That said, if you were concerned about something like that, an easier way would be to simply stick some nuts between the arduino and the box and run the screws through them. 1/8" refrigerator hose cut to short length would work as a good spacer as well.