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Slide the tab over the end of the end of the 2.5mm connector and make sure it fits tight. when you apply pressure to the top of the tab with your thumb, it completes the circuit and commands the shutter operation. I can comfirm this works with my Canon T4i(650D). A better way to do this would be to cut off one of the 2.5mm cable ends and attach a momentary switch to the open connections. With heatshrink tubing and a store bought switch, the switch could look clean and professional, however, this instructable was made to show how i used the resources around me to rig together a make shift switch as an emergency. 
SMHLonWlf2 years ago
This is a good alternative to buying the 'official' release switch for these cameras, and I suggest replacing the pop-tab with a n.o. pushbutton that you'd find in various electronics.

Hope you found my comment to be constructive, I haven't logged on in ages
spyder4612 years ago
Thanks for the information. I never would have though that the remote would be a simple switch. Back to the good old days where things are done simply so these kind of emergency solutions are possible. Well done.
onemoroni12 years ago
Thanks for sharing your ingenuity. My wife just bought a T3. I haven't looked at the remote release socket, but I bet it is the same and If it is I would like to do the upgrade you suggested. Beats laying out money for such a simple trip circuit device.
The simplest things are the best. Exceptional observation on your part. I did something similar in terms of simplicity. Check my Instructable.
darksb3r2 years ago
Great idea - thanks!
stackerjack2 years ago
Wel done. A simple solution to a problem. Not everything in the world has to be sooooo complicated that you cannot/don't want to/ don't know how to/ daren't use it.
"Merry Christmas"
HeavyC2 years ago
I use this trick all the time! It's very clever. It's the same principle as firing a flash with a sync cord and a pen knife. MacGuyvering is the first technique every photographer should embrace.