Dirt Cheap Home Theater





Introduction: Dirt Cheap Home Theater


Have you ever wanted to watch a video on your phone but couldn't because holding it makes your arm tired? Well, make this cardboard home theater! It doesn't cost much to make at all, and you can lay down and watch your favorite GreatScott videos!

Step 1: The Box

Get a box at least 12 by 12 by 12 inches.

Or, if you don't feel like measuring, get a box you can do this with:

Step 2: Other Tools

Pretty straightforward. You need a sharpie, a razor, duck tape, and scissors

Step 3: Cut Flaps Off of Box

Pick a side and cut the flaps off of the cardboard box. This is so that you can put your head in and watch.

The box doesn't have to be perfectly cut, but it should be so that you can watch without any light coming in from the bottom

Step 4: Measure Out Your Phone

I have an iPhone 6, and the screen is about 4.2 by 2.4 inches (give or take). However, if you don't use an iPhone 6, measure your screen with a ruler and mark it on the box. Then, cut the hole using the box razor. Do this carefully, as you'd want the hole to exactly fit the size of your screen

Step 5: Measure Out Your Neck

Ok, the steps are kinda weird but they work

1) use your hand and grab your neck to measure out the length and width of your neck.

2) After measuring length and width, mark them on the box horizontally and vertically (look at pics)

3) make an oval with the measurements on your hand using the sharpie

4) cut out the oval thing and test it on your neck. I had to adjust the length of the oval because of my darn adams apple

5) use duck tape to prevent any cardboard chafing

Step 6: The Annoying Inner Flaps

Use duck tape to keep these little buggers out of the way

Step 7: I Had To...

Gotta keep the projects in the MLP theme guys. Can't be inconsistent with the title of my instructables :)

Step 8: Enjoy Ur Box

Congrats! you went from having a box to having a box with an elliptical and rectangular hole cut in it! Use it to watch videos all day long and pretend your mom isn't hovering above you wondering why you didn't take out the the trash!

Kudos to keets for mentioning this: you may need to poke some air holes with your razor blade if you have trouble breathing. I don't have a problem, but I'm not everyone. Thanks keets :)



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    I think I will vote for you this is genius but so simple

    Can you use this in public without people looking at you strange? Good job!

    Well, I wouldn't know because I can't see them when I use it!

    The only issue with this is that this was not your original idea. I made instructions on this website for this identical project about a year ago. Seriously not cool cool not to mention illegal in some circumstances... just compare the titles! If it truly was a mistake I understand, but either way, take it down. Here is the link for proof: https://www.instructables.com/id/1-Personal-Theater/


    Or he could mention a source that he got the idea from if it wasn't his original idea. The problem with the internet is very rarely does some think of something original any more. :( I have great ideas, but then go online and they've already been done! Lol. I think it may be the same in this circumstance. He thought of this idea on his own, posted it, and it just happens to already be done. Se la vie. I don't think he copied yours, for example, and then maliciously put it up. :) Many blessings to you both.

    Holy crap, just hang on for one second people. I get the idea that it wasn't hard to come up with. The thing that really irked me was the title. I named mine $1 Personal Theater. He named his Dirt Cheap Theater. That is what lead me to believe that he had copied. Sorry for causing this much of a deal. Jeez.
    BTW, this is the most comments I've ever got on anything

    you got a lot of comments on this because you were saying i plagerized you. There are only so many ways to say "inexpensive home theater". Itd be like kanye suing a compass company for using "west".

    All the same, why dont we help each other out by liking and following each other? Im down for making a friend