Picture of Dirt Cheap Pinhole Lens for DSLR
I have seen some nice pinhole photography. Mostly are black and white. The pinhole lens is actually not a lens but only a hole. There is no glass, no coating, no focusing ...

I have owned several EOS cameras. When they were gone, they left me the camera cap.

I used the camera cap to make a pin hole lens.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
1. A camera cap.
2. A tin foil - 1"x1" is enough
3. Some tape
RayJN1 year ago

I make one years ago for a film SLR.

I used thin brass put in a hole with a needle, sand off the burrs with very fine sand paper, the paint back side with flat black. I could see a faint image through the view finder. I probably had a larger hole. You could experiment with different size holes. The disadvantage of the aluminum foil is you have burrs around the edges which degrade the image.

Here is a link to a pdf file to make a pinhole exposure calculator


YEAH, 40Ds rule!!!
Great 'ible by the way.