Introduction: Dirt Cheap Rubber Band Gun

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Rubber band gun is a great toy. There are many models - from single-shot to full automatic machine gun. I recently had a takeaway meal which came with disposable chopsticks.

I made a decent rubber band gun by the chopsticks and some rubber bands.

The cost? A few rubber bands.

Step 1: Material

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1. Four chopsticks -  you may use sticks of similar length such as pencils. Straws are not tough enough.
2. 10 to 20 rubber bands

Step 2: Cut the Chopsticks

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1. The first chopstick - the trigger, the barrel and the front site.
2. The second chopstick - the grip.
3. The third and forth chopstick - the barrel.

Step 3: Putting Them Together

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When they put together, the gun should look like this.

Step 4:

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Tie the front sight and the barrel by the rubber bands. The tie must be tight as the stress will be quite large on them.

Step 5: Make the Grip

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Make a triangle grip. Again, tie them by the rubber bands.

Step 6: Finally, the Trigger.

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Again, tie the trigger by a rubber band.

Step 7: Load the Weapon

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Load a rubber band between the front sight and the trigger.

Pull the trigger and fire the rubber band. 

It can easily shoot to over 20 feet.

Click here and see how I killed a couple of flies by this gun.


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